California contractor brings life back to fire-ravaged Santa Rosa using Bobcat equipment

JM Environmental operator uses a 430 excavator to move debris from a wildfire site.

What started out as a small flame, quickly became a raging fire, leaping and igniting more than a dozen new fires across Napa, Santa Rosa and Sonoma, California. Soon, wine country – one of the most popular tourist attractions in

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Prepare to Perform with Bobcat Training & Safety Resources

Productivity and safety should always be a top priority with equipment owners. Becoming a proficient operator takes knowledge, skill and good judgment. Bobcat Company provides a wide range of training resources to help you, your employees or your customers become a safe and productive operator of Bobcat® compact equipment.

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How to Build a Safety Mindset at Your Company

Bobcat skid-steer loader with grapple on construction site

Whether you’re operating equipment or in charge of training others to use it, understanding and practicing equipment safety helps everyone work safer, faster and more efficiently on the jobsite. Workplace safety can lead to better overall performance and project profitability, and most important, it reduces the risk of injury to you and other workers or damage to the equipment or other property. Building a safety mindset requires a shared responsibility at all levels of your company.

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