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Ron Scheffler, Senior Project Manager At Bobcat
Ron Scheffler, senior product manager at Bobcat

Bobcat is bringing tough to turf with an all-new lineup of Bobcat zero-turn mowers – built to give you a professional edge with solid engineering to last longer and work harder. We sat down with Ron Scheffler, senior product manager at Bobcat, to get an inside look at this latest product offering.

Q: Why did Bobcat decide to get into the turf space?

A: With our zero-turn mowers, we have an opportunity to bring the high-performance, high-quality equipment Bobcat is known for to the world of turf. Our customers in commercial landscaping already know and love Bobcat compact equipment; now they can round out their fleet with Bobcat mowers as well.

Q: There are so many mowers out there; why should I buy a Bobcat zero-turn mower?

A: When you break it down, there are three main reasons to buy Bobcat. Ease of ownership, durability and quality of cut. From the dealer service and warranty to the feel of the controls as you mow over the next challenge, we have every detail nailed down to give you exceptional comfort, fewer hassles and acres of perfectly maintained turf. Bobcat mowers are designed to work as hard as you do with minimal downtime. From our tough and well-designed mower decks to the even clipping dispersal and remarkable deck cleanliness, you can count on getting stunning results.

Landscaper Uses A Bobcat ZS4000 Riding Lawn Mower To Mow Residential Customer’s Grass

Q: What sets Bobcat zero-turn mowers apart from the rest?

A: These zero-turn mowers are packed with innovative elements that give Bobcat a leg up on the competition. Our bolt-on Air-Gap baffle system accelerates airflow for efficiency in our AirFX™ cutting deck. This system eliminates negative-pressure pockets and lifts the grass up to the cutting blade to achieve ultimate precision cutting. Whether you’re maintaining a new lawn or taking care of an extravagant park, Bobcat zero-turn mowers are designed to help commercial customers grow their businesses and residential customers get a manicured lawn in less time.

Q: What is the mower warranty and what does it include?

A: You can be confident in a Bobcat mower, and we back that up with a warranty. Bobcat pays for any repairs due to defects in materials and workmanship for 36 months or 2,000 hours bumper to bumper, determined by the model you purchase. You can also choose the Protection Plus Extended Warranty, with options up to 60 months and 2,500 hours.

Operator Uses Bobcat Mower To Mow Around Residential Landscaping Beds

Q: Are Bobcat mowers comfortable and easy to operate?

A: Bobcat zero-turn mowers have many comfort features built in so you can knock out job after job with ease. On the right-hand side of the machine, you’ll find the “comfort command center.” The mowers also include an extra-tall suspension seat, almond-shaped handles, anti-vibration footplate and smooth, responsive controls that provide intuitive operation. A rotating bumper gives you fast access to internal components, so tune-ups are more efficient. Plus, Bobcat zero-turn mowers are fast – topping out at a transport speed of 19 mph – so you can get where you need to go.

Whether you need a mower to generate business or maintain your property, there’s a Bobcat zero-turn mower for you. Find your local Bobcat dealer.

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