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Chase Burns isn’t afraid to put himself out there – on social media that is. As the owner of a successful small business, Dogwood Land Management, he uses social media as a powerful tool for building strong relationships with his customers.

Chase Burns Stands With His Bobcat Compact Track Loader
Chase Burns, owner of Dogwood Land Management

But how does a small business owner with limited resources grow a substantial social media following? Take a look at the tips Chase found helpful for creating an effective company Facebook page.

Tip 1: Stay relevant. Post regularly.

Growing a social media following takes time. So to keep his audience engaged and coming back for more, Chase posts high quality content as regularly as possible.

“It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive,” Chase says. “Anytime we’re doing a project where we think something looks cool, we take a quick photo or video. We have tons of potential content just from that.” 

Even during the off-season, Chase knows it’s important to keep his audience engaged in order to stay relevant year-round. Building a backlog of photo and video content is one strategy he uses to keep his audience entertained when work is slow.

“I try to post every day if I can,” Chase says. “Facebook rewards pages that post frequently by showing their content to more followers. So I have to stay relevant or people don’t have the opportunity to see what I’m posting.”

Tip 2: Video content is king

Chase attributes his land management business’ social media success to a very specific type of content.

“Videos are huge,” Chase says. “We get much better engagement from videos rather than just photos or text on a screen. In our experience, even the most well-written post can’t beat video content.”

Chase isn’t the only one who knows the power of video content. Facebook is designed to show users content they find meaningful, and video posts are high on Facebook’s list.

Tip 3: Get involved in your videos

“Our audience wants to see us,” Chase says. “They want to relate to us and our crew, so we like to show them that we’re excited about our work.”

Because the issues surrounding land management can be complex, Chase has found it helpful to establish himself, and his crew, as experts in their field. They do this simply by narrating their own video content.

“A video with us hiding behind the camera is of no interest. We like to show our audience that we’re ready to answer their questions and respond to their comments. We are always happy to interact with the people who follow our brand.”

Tip 4: Have fun with your audience

For Chase, social media is a great place to have some fun with his followers. It’s where his customers go to be entertained, so he’s not afraid to get creative.

“We like to challenge our customers with questions that are related to the land management industry,” Chase says.

“We get a lot of engagement from these posts. Followers get to show off their knowledge and share it with their friends, while we get to subtly highlight our own expertise as a company.”

When his followers are having fun, it encourages them to stick around and pay attention to the work they’re doing. This not only provides an entertainment value for them, but it adds value and credibility to his business.

Tip 5: Don’t always go for the hard sell

With everything Chase publishes, he has a goal in mind.

“We are always deliberate and intentional with what we post,” Chase says. “Our goal for social media is to excite people about conservation, which is our area of expertise.”

Even if the main goal for social is to promote his products and services, Chase has found success mixing his entertaining, educational and selling posts. He’s accomplished this by getting creative and engaging his audience in new ways.

“I don’t want anybody to feel like I’m just trying to sell them something,” Chase says.

He includes a variety of content that’s mostly engaging, entertaining and educational so the audience trusts him and his business.

“For us, participating in things like web shows such as The Management Advantage [SV3] and sharing it on social media is a great way to reach new clients without the hard sell,” Chase says.

“Social media doesn’t do the work for us. We still have to have good customer service and a quality product. We use our social channels as a great tool for establishing credibility as an industry expert, so our followers keep us top of mind for their next project.”

Are you ready to put your social media to work? Lock down an effective social media strategy with these 5 easy steps.

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