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In spring of 2019, Bobcat of the Finger Lakes decided it was time to speak up – for autism awareness, that is. The dealer custom-wrapped a Bobcat compact track loader from its rental fleet with a design to promote Autism Up, an organization dedicated to assisting families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The best part? Ten percent of the machine’s yearly rental revenue directly supports the dealer’s chosen charity.

Bobcat of the Finger Lakes didn’t stop there. The dealer encouraged other Bobcat dealers across the country to take part in what they called the Digging for Charity Challenge. Once a dealer is challenged, the same rules apply. 

If nominated, participating dealers will custom-wrap one of their Bobcat rentals to support a charity of their choosing. At the end of the year, 10% of the machine’s rental revenue is donated to their selected organization. If dealers decline the challenge, they’re asked to donate $250 to the nominator’s charity of choice.

Dealers are encouraged to post an image of the wrapped Bobcat rental machine on their Facebook page, with the hashtag #DiggingForCharityChallenge, and then nominate a handful of other Bobcat dealers to participate in the challenge. 

Take a look at how these Bobcat dealers are using the Digging for Charity Challenge to make a difference in their communities throughout the United States. 

Bobcat of Fort Wayne 

By wrapping one of its most popular rental machines, a Bobcat T590 compact track loader, Bobcat of Fort Wayne is determined to make a difference for their local Habitat for Humanity chapter.

One year after starting the Digging for Charity Challenge, Bobcat of Fort Wayne donated $1,500 to Habitat for Humanity to help local families build a place to call home.

Bobcat of the Rockies

One Bobcat machine wasn’t enough for Bobcat of the Rockies. They chose to use three Bobcat loaders, an R-Series T76 compact track loader and two S76 skid-steer loaders, to support their charity of choice – Wishes for Warriors. Run by veterans for veterans, Wishes for Warriors  supports combat-wounded service members as they return home. Check out their wrapped machines here.

Leppo Rents

Leppo Rents chose to donate 10% of the rental revenue from two Bobcat machines. The dealer’s Bobcat E85 compact excavator was wrapped in honor of Team Fox, an organization dedicated to funding research for Parkinson’s Disease.

In addition to wrapping their Bobcat excavator, Leppo Rents also wrapped a Bobcat compact track loader in support of Mission 22, an organization that provides valuable support for local veterans once they return home.

Bobcat Enterprises

Bobcat Enterprises took advantage of their new R-Series T76 and T66 compact track loader rentals to support the Dragonfly Foundation. Proceeds from these machines will help the foundation provide pediatric cancer patients with moments of joy during their traumatic diagnosis.

Bobcat of Toronto

It’s not just United States Bobcat dealers participating in the Digging for Charity Challenge. Bobcat of Toronto also wrapped an E50 compact excavator and an R-Series T76 compact track loader in honor of the Canadian Cancer Society’s breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness branches. The team at Bobcat of Toronto hopes to raise a minimum of $6,000 between the two machines.[0]=68.ARAlykXwtmLFGkPtRPxioxC2YqMhd-HRWnnmJRU8TWQK8-YgudravFI8X7Dc2fVoAF82QiYN9qsostyDDB5fceyenCwwpgQNVjMKFqHyW6Zj8_SxL9zUTisOiq3-jEN3GVf8Uj8SP3EC3th_Z4SowIEVaM9IV7sMMfPeVegosQ4neLjACfPiOhhiIMhzhBwG122txv5d44EQGtZwKmNROWVkCbAbynn1ndZO9It0cDlKCde2ZRTItIuDzrOVVhurCm7BXRbIgb-19WzshirEdhOBE2uVYNaHlb0NzAaW9nghrjo3h70ORKpegH_zM450aF1W3EbE-YTcBMelGTknV7NB_fcQ

Find your local Bobcat dealer to see if they’re participating in the Digging for Charity Challenge.    

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