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S630 clearing snow from a residence using a snowblower

Before a client can hire you for the work, they need to know you can do the work. And while word of mouth is still one of the best methods to draw in new business, a well-rounded marketing plan can ensure no potential customer is left behind.

Eastman Homeowner Services, a property management and snow removal business in the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, California, grew its snow removal customer base from 70 to 400 in just six years. Co-owner William Bauman credits the boom to these five smart marketing moves.

1. Be friendly

Operator takes a phone call outside his skid-steer loaderIt seems simple, but don’t underestimate the power of a positive interaction between your business and non-customers – including local store owners, your clients’ neighbors and even the mail carrier. You never know who might need your services down the road.

“When you give someone a handshake and a smile, and you call them back within 24 hours, they almost always don’t say no because of the level of professionalism,” Bauman says.

2. Keep your eyes open

Spot snow piling up at the place down the road? Or the corner home’s lackluster landscaping? When you’re out for a run or walking your dog, make note of residences that could use your services then give them a call.

“In a year like this, it’s very obvious to tell what homes don’t have snow removal,” Bauman says, referencing the 445 inches of snow Mammoth Lakes received during the 2016-2017 winter. “Make a running list, and the following year, get ahold of the homeowners and say that my company would be happy to add you to our route.”

3. Advertise your business on channels that make sense

“Over 10,000 ski bunnies in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego tune in to our local radio station to figure out if it’s a good week to go to Mammoth for powder,” Bauman says. “And those people want their driveways clean.”

If you want to reach new customers, buy advertising spots on the radio stations, newspapers, social media and other outlets that your ideal customer tunes in to. And don’t be afraid to get creative. Maybe it makes sense to display your logo on a local stock racing car or to sponsor a well-attended community event.

4. Get a website

Today’s consumers often research a company’s products, services, and rates – and those of competitors – online before making a purchase decision. Get your company front and center in the digital space by creating an easy-to-navigate website that lists your company’s offerings, contact information and examples of your work.

5. Brand your equipment

“I’d say our most important marketing tools are the loaders themselves,” Bauman says. “We have our logo and our number on each one, and they’re made of a reflective material so people who are waking up at 3 a.m. can see who’s working and give us a call.”

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