It’s the dead of winter, which means we’re in peak snow removal season. Whether it’s ice, sleet, heavy snow or a blinding blizzard, tons of Bobcat machines are ready to get to work — and every snow removal expert has a unique method for using that equipment to clear roads, lots and sidewalks. We turned to seven professional snowmen using Bobcat equipment for their snow removal operations to see what words of wisdom they had to offer. Check them out below.

A Toolcat Utility Work Machine clears snow.

“We are able to get down to the bare pavement to prevent ice building up with the Toolcat units. The utility work machines with a sprayer attachment are used to both pre- and post-treat the sidewalks with a combination of salt brine and an organic sugar beet by-product called Geomelt. This allows us to treat snow and ice in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees F. It leaves a brown residue, but in this case, brown is the new green.”

Gerry Dobbs, Landscape Services Manager

Michigan State University Physical Plant, East Lansing, MI

Bobcat customer Peter Zaphiris

“Do you want to outsource your snow removal, or do you want to do it with your own loader that you can use for many other functions throughout the year? Having a loader and other equipment allows you to control costs. Once the equipment is paid for, snow removal gets very inexpensive. I don’t worry about clearing snow anymore.”

Peter Zaphiris, Insurance Agent

Great Lakes Insurance Services Group, Erie, PA

A Bobcat loader clears snow.


“We can easily pick up the snow with the loader bucket and quickly dump it over the curb. With a pickup, you head into the curb, lift the plow, and back it up. By that time, the Bobcat loader is done and onto its next task.”

Jason Reimer

Maple Leaf Landscape, Madison, WI

Bobcat customer Tom Canete

“We had an issue with clearing parking decks. All the structures had several light poles, and our pickup trucks with plows would back into them. After that experience, we came up with a compact equipment solution that has benefited the company in many ways.” 

Tom Canete, Owner

Canete Snow Management Inc., Wayne, NJ

A Bobcat 463 clears snow

“The Bobcat equipment works well in the nooks and crannies where we can’t get in with anything bigger. One example is when we clear snow from a second-floor balcony on a state building downtown with the Bobcat 463. It scots around on the second floor and dumps bucket loads to the main level below.”


Mike Amble, Owner

Madison Commercial Landscape, Madison, WI

Bobcat customer Steven Jomides“Our success is based on good employees and good quality vendors. Along with our own 25 full-time people, we bring in more than 300 seasonal employees and subcontractors. Many of them have worked for us for years and understand our business.” 

Steven Jomides

Lawns by Yorkshire, Westwood, NJ

Now it’s your turn. What are your best snow removal tips? Sound off in the comments.





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