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Cab_View__Operator_Seat-101653-48421-hr (1)As a compact loader operator, your office looks a little different than those who wear a suit and carry a briefcase to work. Office buildings provide a temperature-controlled room, ample leg space, endless outlets and plenty of places to rest a coffee mug. Who says your cab can’t measure up?

We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and understand cab styles from 20 to 30 years ago are no longer acceptable. During the last decade, the market focus has shifted toward operator comfort. You’re taking fewer days off and working in more bad weather, making the cab environment far more important.

Before purchasing a new compact loader, here are three comfort features to look for in a cab.

1. Operator Room

Overall room is important, especially for larger individuals who may feel cramped and uncomfortable if the cab isn’t big enough for them. The seat bar, seat belt, controls and cab threshold will all be factors in your overall comfort level while sitting in the machine, as well as when entering and exiting. Heater and air conditioning ducts should be placed strategically to provide the maximum room inside the cab.

2. Control Options

There are many different control options available in the industry. Choose a machine with controls that are familiar to you. Options include standard hand and feet controls, Advanced Control System (ACS), Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) and Radio Remote Control System to operate your compact loader from outside the cab. Learn more about each control option.

3. Adjustability

Comfort is dependent on the loader’s ability to adjust to you. Some shorter operators may be uncomfortable if the cab does not offer enough adjustability to accommodate them. For example, on Bobcat M-Series loaders with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC), the joysticks are mounted to the seat. The joystick mounts on SJC-equipped loaders shift forward and backward, independent of the seat. Adjusting the joysticks allows you find your preferred operating position.

While these three features are key to a comfortable day at the “office,” there may be other features that are important to as well. For example, a radio is something you want, but it may not be standard on many machines in the industry. You should also consider features such as climate control, cab pressurization, entry access and visibility. For more information on these features, head over to our website.

If you’ve done your homework, find a Bobcat dealer near you and test drive a compact loader with the options you are considering to assess the comfort features for yourself. You just may find something is more important — or less important — than you thought.

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