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When you’re in the market for a versatile piece of equipment to help you transport people, tools and materials, you have two options: utility vehicle or utility work machine. Both vehicles have advantages depending on the type of tasks you need it to perform.

Utility Vehicle

Utility vehicles are no strangers to working in landscaping, buildings and grounds, and nursery jobsites. There are several models available, including 4×4 two-passenger utility vehicles, 4×4 four- and six-passenger utility vehicles, and a 4×4 two-passenger utility vehicle with a front-mounted attachment system. Bobcat® utility vehicles can reach speeds of 30 & 40 mph while carrying up to 1250 pounds of cargo. Eight available attachments quickly turn the 3650 utility vehicle into a mower, sprayer, snow plow and more. While they’re strong, versatile and user-friendly, a utility vehicle is meant for light-duty tasks.

Utility Work Machine

Need more muscle? That’s where the utility work machine comes in. A utility work machine delivers the functionality of a utility vehicle, but with more power. It combines all of the best features of a pickup truck, tractor, skid-steer loader and utility vehicle to save you time, space and money.

A utility work machine can carry two passengers and has a cargo capacity of 2,000 pounds. It’s also extremely versatile with more than 35 available attachments, including a dozer blade, pallet fork, seeder and utility fork.

Utility work machines are easy to maneuver in confined spaces. With the press of a button, you can switch from front-wheel steer to all-wheel steer mode to create a turning radius of 17.5 feet. That’s better than a utility vehicle, compact tractor or pickup truck. All-wheel steering also reduces tire wear from asphalt or concrete and protects sensitive surfaces such as grass or turf.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Features Utility Vehicle Utility Work Machine
Attachments (3650)842
Lift500 lb.1500 lb.
Haul1250 lb2000 lb.
Towing2000 lb.4000 lb.
Horsepower24 – 40 hp61 hp
Speed30 – 40 mph17 mph

Ready to test one? Head to your local Bobcat dealer.

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