6 tips for keeping business small yet progressive with compact equipment | Bobcat Blog

Graeme Robertson's R-Series E35 takes down a garage in a residential neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Graeme Robertson walked away from contracting once. Although a natural in the seat of a machine, he went searching for a steadier paycheck and found it as a carpenter until injuries from a snowmobile accident left him unable to climb

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E50 vs. EF5 Tornado: One Bobcat Salesman’s Terrifying Story | Bobcat Blog

A Bobcat E50 compact excavator clear debris from the site of a home in Moore, Oklahoma after it was destroyed by a 2013 tornado

If you live in the notorious Tornado Alley in south-central U.S., dangerous weather is a part of life. Sales manager Gregg Thompson has sold and rented many Bobcat machines to help with tornado cleanup, but in May 2013, he and his family were the ones in need of equipment and help.

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Rent vs. Buy a Machine: What You Need to Know – Part 2

Purchasing compact equipment didn’t make financial sense for many contractors during the recession – commercial and residential projects dried up, cash reserves were low and equipment loans were difficult to secure. But as the market improves, you may be ready to buy a compact machine. Before making the decision, weigh your options of renting versus buying by considering your jobsite needs, attachment versatility and capital resources.

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How to Stock the Most Profitable Rental Attachments

Stocking the right attachments in the right quantities is directly tied to understanding your customers’ needs. Having the attachments your customers want gives you a competitive edge and offers a low initial investment with a high rate of return.

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