3 Tips on How to Strategically Manage Your Construction Equipment Fleet

Bobcat E85 mini excavator moves broken concrete with a bucket

Trying to turn a profit? Few things disrupt a successful work season like unexpected downtime. After 14 years of keeping his equipment running and his crews busy, Dave Murray, president of Samron Midwest Contracting, shares his tried-and-true fleet management solutions

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Parts and Service Must-Knows

When you’re clocking in early and clocking out late to keep up with a hefty workload, you can’t afford equipment downtime. In the second installment of our Top Shop series, the parts and service staff at Robert H. Finke & Sons Inc. Equipment outside Albany, New York, share tips on the essential parts they recommend operators keep on hand to minimize downtime as well as the importance of knowledgeable service technicians when repairing and servicing your machines.

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Three Ways to Improve Skid-Steer Loader Productivity

You can’t afford for your skid-steer loader to break down. Create and follow a simple maintenance plan to stay ahead of costly repairs and downtime. Commit to three maintenance habits to significantly extend the life of your skid-steer loader: a routine maintenance schedule, advanced fluids knowledge and seasonal equipment needs.

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Tips to Prepare Your Loader for the Busy Season

As spring begins, Bobcat® compact loader owners should start thinking about maintenance on their machines. A maintenance checklist — including testing the battery, checking tires, fluids, oils and fuels — and following attachment maintenance procedures should take place several weeks before you operate your loader on a jobsite.

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How Compact Track Loader Features Can Help You

Compact loaders are becoming more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Manufacturers are focusing on meeting your needs for highly productive machines because we all know a more productive business is a more profitable one. Instinctive Control Systems Multiple control options allow

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Avoid Costly Downtime with a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

We all know the revenue needle stops moving during unexpected downtime. That’s why preventive maintenance is so important to your business. Although wear issues develop with all equipment over time, you must answer one simple question about your maintenance plan: Do you want to be proactive or reactive?

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