New Product Q&A: The Inside Scoop on Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders

Operator Moves Rock and Dirt Using Grapple Attachment On Small Articulated Loader

A light footprint for your heavy workload. Get the inside scoop on an exciting new addition to our compact equipment lineup – the Bobcat small articulated loader.

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Bobcat Dealer Family is Called to Serve | Bobcat Blog

Brothers Peter and Micheal Freundschuh serve with the U.S. Marines in Marjah, Afghanistan, in 2010.

Peter Freundschuh was a child in 2001 when the Sept.11 attacks changed his life and the lives of millions of Americans. The events that unfolded convinced Peter to serve his country one day. On his 17th birthday, Peter and his

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Bob-Dock Q&A: Everything you need to know about the new hydraulic attachment mounting system | Bobcat Blog

Bobcat T650 with industrial grapple attachment

Bobcat’s marketing manager shares details on the next innovation in hydraulic attachment exchange technology – the Bob-Dock attachment mounting system.

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Bobcat 50 Series Loader Worked Like a BOSS | Bobcat Blog

A decade after the launch of the 40 Series, the 743 was still immensely popular. But it was time for a change. Bobcat launched the 50 Series in 1990 with the 753, 853 and an impressive list of product features. The new loaders were quieter, better cooling, more reliable and easier to service.

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Throwback Thursday: Designing a New Breed of Skid-Steer Loaders | Bobcat Blog

The 30 Series represented the first “clean sheet” redesign of the Bobcat® skid-steer loader lineup. The design project started in 1975 with a conversation between the heads of engineering and manufacturing, which went something like this: “Let’s play keep ‘em

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Throwback Thursday: M440 was First “Bobcat” Loader in 1962 | Bobcat Blog

Say the word “Bobcat” and most of us think of the white front-end loader we see daily on farms, construction sites and clearing snow or, perhaps, responding to natural disasters. Even from a distance, the color and silhouette are unmistakable, the brand memorable, even iconic. It wasn’t always that way.

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Throwback Thursday: Development of the Bobcat M970 “Big Bob” – 1970 | Bobcat Blog

The Bobcat M970 was a groundbreaking invention. With a one-yard bucket and 3,000-pound rated operating capacity, the machine known as “Big Bob” was the largest skid-steer loader ever built. More important, the Big Bob introduced several industry firsts the world continues to benefit from.

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