Bob-Dock Q&A: Everything you need to know about the new hydraulic attachment mounting system

Bobcat T650 with industrial grapple attachment

Bobcat’s marketing manager shares details on the next innovation in hydraulic attachment exchange technology – the Bob-Dock attachment mounting system.

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Bobcat 50 Series Loader Worked Like a BOSS

A decade after the launch of the 40 Series, the 743 was still immensely popular. But it was time for a change. Bobcat launched the 50 Series in 1990 with the 753, 853 and an impressive list of product features. The new loaders were quieter, better cooling, more reliable and easier to service.

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These Guys Have a Connection to the Bobcat Founding Fathers

It’s not uncommon to find Bobcat Company employees who have a family connection to the company dating back two or three generations. But only a handful can claim a direct connection to the founders. Meet three descendants of the Melroe and Keller families.

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Behind the Scenes at the Bobcat Advantage Shoot

We conducted fair, side-by-side tests of various compact excavator tasks and functions. The results speak for themselves: in almost every case, Bobcat excelled. Learn why we conduct these tests, how we ensure that they’re fair and who was involved in creating the Bobcat Advantage videos.

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Throwback Thursday: Designing a New Breed of Skid-Steer Loaders

The 30 Series represented the first “clean sheet” redesign of the Bobcat® skid-steer loader lineup. The design project started in 1975 with a conversation between the heads of engineering and manufacturing, which went something like this: “Let’s play keep ‘em

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A Closer Look at the Bobcat Acceleration Center Testing Grounds

The Bobcat Acceleration Center is a battle ground engineered for performance — just like the Bobcat equipment tested there. See why and how we built this indoor controlled environment where we compare existing and new Bobcat equipment and competitive machines.

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