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Brielle and Michelle Wright founded the Farmer’s B.A.G. with big goals in mind. Bobcat Company recently made a donation to support their endeavors.

The Farmer’s B.A.G. logo represents the elements of the organization: “black, abundant and gifted,” surrounded by farming graphics.

Brielle and Michelle Wright are sisters from North Carolina who have no shortage of passion. They founded The Farmer’s B.A.G. — which stands for Black, Abundant, Gifted — in 2020 as an effort to put their agricultural background and passion to good use. The organization is dedicated to giving back to their community through agricultural and farming opportunities, including community outreach, addressing food insecurities, assisting older famers, and educating youth on the agriculture industry.

Michelle and Brielle Wright of The Farmer’s B.A.G. pose for a photo at a local farmer’s market.

The sisters grew up around farming, gardening and fresh produce. They inherited their love for working the land and farming from both sides of the family, who work in the agriculture and health industries.

Brielle and Michelle’s 11 acres of land is home to several gardens, beehives and plenty of room for opportunities. They use this land as a platform to educate and provide opportunities for community members to learn more about agriculture and farming. They also use the fresh fruits to make jams and jellies that they sell at local farmer’s markets. The profits from these sales go toward The Farmer’s B.A.G.’s philanthropic efforts.

Customers of The Farmer’s B.A.G. pose with the jam they purchased at a local farmer’s market.

Bobcat Company recognizes the potential in such an empowering organization and reflected this support with a donation of $10,000. The donation was announced when Brielle and Michelle were featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show. The episode airs July 5.

“The fact that Bobcat is willing to help us as a new organization is really powerful,” says Brielle. “You believe in our vision and mission before the rest of the world even knew anything. Thank you for doing that for us.”

Since the show was filmed in April, Brielle and Michelle have had a chance to assess opportunities and make decisions on how to spend the donation money.

“We have been able to get kitchen certification and marketing materials, which we needed,” says Brielle. “We are also investing in more beekeeping suits, which will help us when we launch our beekeeping program for youth in the area.”

The Farmer’s B.A.G. grows fruits and vegetables to support various community efforts.

They certainly have ways to spend the money, but the first thing Brielle and Michelle wanted was to donate some of the funds.

“Our first priority was to give,” says Brielle. “We know how much of a struggle it is to be new in this industry, so we wanted to give $1,000 to two individual female Black farmers. This will help them get certifications and licenses that they need to start their businesses.”

Providing resources to other farmers is one of the pillars of The Farmer’s B.A.G.’s plan. They’d like to help other farmers acquire licensing, insurance, tax documents, and the other basic requirements of getting a small business off the ground.

Brielle and Michelle’s goals for the organization are nothing short of inspirational. They’d like to start a foundation, build a safe space for communities of color, establish a hands-on farm school, bridge the gap between generations of farmers, and make a difference in the diversity of corporate organizations.

These aspirations are lofty but achievable, and with Brielle and Michelle’s attitudes and work ethic, they are certainly attainable. Bobcat is proud to support The Farmer’s B.A.G. as they tackle their checklist and continue making a difference in their community.

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