Boy Battling Brain Cancer Shows Bobcat How He Is “One Tough Kid” | Bobcat Blog

“I’m so excited to be here!” “It’s very amazing!”

Those were some of the first words out of Teddy’s mouth when he visited the West Fargo Bobcat facility in February.

Teddy Danielson and his parents, Jessica and Ross, visited the West Fargo Bobcat facility.

While most 3 ½-year-old kids would be excited for a close-up look at Bobcat equipment, for Teddy, it’s even more special.

Theodore “Teddy” Danielson of West Fargo was recently diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and has spent most of the last four months in a hospital or going to appointments. He has received a series of surgeries and treatments and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

While he has good days and bad days, according to his mom, his visit to Bobcat certainly qualifies as a good day. Teddy and his parents, Jessica and Ross, got a close-up look at a few machines in the front lobby. Decked out in Bobcat gear, Teddy brought a quiet, vibrant energy to the facility and everyone he interacted with.

Teddy recognized the skid-steer loader in the lobby as one that was “just like grandpa’s!” While making “vroom vroom” noises, he sat in the seat and proudly started to “work like grandpa.” He then climbed up in the seat of a mower, and while his feet dangled above the floor, he assured everyone that he was “just pretending” to run the machine.

After that, he got a special ride in the passenger seat of a Toolcat™ utility work machine. Chauffeured by Bobcat Facility Manager Sean Miller, Teddy excitedly rode around the parking lot. It was fun, he said, and it was “super-duper loud!”

Teddy got a special ride in a Toolcat utility work machine.

Teddy made plenty of friends during his tour of the lobby. He had a conversation with Mike Smith, training site manager for the Bobcat Training Center in Denver. When Mike described that they “teach people how to fix the machines,” Teddy giggled and said, “that’s silly!”

To cap off his fun-filled afternoon, Teddy and his parents left with a bag of Bobcat clothes and goodies, including a toy semi-truck loaded with Bobcat equipment that he was excited to play with at home.

Teddy left with a memorable experience to share with his friends and family, and for those who had the privilege to show him our facility and equipment, he left us with more.

“What a simple way to make a young boy’s day,” said Sean Miller, Bobcat West Fargo facility manager. “He’s one tough kid and it was a pleasure to share our facility and equipment with him for an afternoon.”

On his way out the front doors, Teddy exclaimed, “Thank you so much!”

Teddy Danielson pretended to operate several machines at the Bobcat facility.
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