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Work faster and more efficiently than ever before with the completely redesigned R-Series loaders. The T62, S62, T64, S64, T66, S66, T76 and S76 are now available at your local Bobcat dealership and incorporate significant changes to the engine and powertrain.

Senior Vice President of Global Engineering Troy Kraft

What makes these updates so significant? How do they impact you and your business? Senior Vice President of Global Engineering Troy Kraft took to the Bobcat Innovation Stage to share what each Bobcat R-Series engine update means for your jobsite.

Q. What are the benefits of the new Bobcat R-Series engine?

The new Bobcat engine is completely redesigned to deliver more performance and capability than ever before. The R-Series 60 and 70 frame size models offer a state-of-the art redesigned Tier 4 non-DPF Bobcat inline engine and direct drive system. This generates more torque across a much wider rpm range than other engines, maximizing performance and completing jobs faster.

Q. Why did you reorient the Bobcat R-Series engine?

Reorienting the engine of our R-Series loaders simplifies the design and helps keep you on the job and out of the shop. The incline engine now runs from the front to the back of the machine with the hydrostatic and hydraulic pumps connected in-line with the engine. We also replaced the drive belt and the tensioning system with a direct-drive system, so you can operate knowing your engine is up for the job. 

Q. Why did the fuel tank position change on Bobcat R-Series loaders?

In the design of our other skid-steer and track loader series, the fuel tank sits just above the engine. When we repositioned the R-Series engine, we had the ability to reorient the fuel tank to the side of the engine as a result. The vertical fuel tank and new fuel module on the Bobcat engine allow you to capture more usable fuel from every tankful. This not only extends your productivity per tank; it improves your ability to work on slopes when the tank gets low.

Q. How does the innovative new fuel system improve Bobcat R-Series performance?

If you’re used to working in colder conditions, the R-Series fuel system will not only improve your loader’s reliability and ease of maintenance but will improve cold weather operation. These improvements are made possible by a much larger fuel filter, a dedicated lift pump and better circuitry. The new fuel filter also includes a sensor, clear water bowl and drain for easy operator monitoring.

Q. How does the enhanced cooling system benefit Bobcat R-Series operators?

In order to maximize uptime in R-Series loaders, we incorporated a much larger fan and a larger, higher-capacity radiator and oil cooler. These features, combined with the inline engine layout and louvered tailgate, provide the airflow your machine needs for optimal operation. It lowers the engine compartment temperature of the loader by 80 degrees and creates less noise than previous models. The new cooling system works by pulling in air from the rear tailgate and releasing it from the top of the cooling stack, allowing you to work long hours with a powerful engine you can count on.

Q. Why did you split the Bobcat R-Series loader chaincase?

When we moved the Bobcat engine, we had to consider how it would interact with the rest of the machine. In order to avoid any internal collisions with the engine, we split the center chaincase in two parts and moved them to the outside of the machine.  We also further strengthened our maintenance-free chaincase by adding steel castings to support the axel tubes. 

Need a machine that can keep up when the workday is long? Contact your local Bobcat dealer to learn more about our selection of Bobcat R-Series loaders.

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