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At Bobcat, good is never good enough. For more than 60 years, we’ve pushed the limits of the compact equipment industry to create the perfect solutions for your toughest projects.

From our first compact excavator model in North America, to the introduction of the R2-Series and our first large excavators, we continue to create powerful equipment for every job application.  

See how the Bobcat excavator has evolved over the past 30-plus years into one of the most versatile, reliable and powerful tools on your jobsite.

Bobcat 76 Excavator: 1986

First Bobcat excavators in North America. 

Bobcat 220 Excavator: 1990

First Bobcat compact excavator made in the USA rolls off the line in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Bobcat X320 Excavator: 1996

The new C-Series excavators improve operator efficiency with new multi-function hydraulics.

Bobcat 430 Excavator: 2002

First Zero Tail Swing model rolls out with the new Bobcat 400 series, letting operators work closer to buildings and obstacles.

Bobcat M-Series Excavator: 2009

A new generation of Bobcat excavators with secondary auxiliary hydraulics designed to expand attachment capabilities.         

Bobcat R-Series Excavator: 2017

An all-new generation of Bobcat excavators offers superior lift-over-side capacity and improved visibility.

Bobcat Large Excavator: 2019

Bobcat introduces large excavators designed for increased performance in heavy digging and lifting operations.

Bobcat R2-Series Excavator: 2020

The revolution continues with R2-Series excavators – with a redesigned engine and optional touch display capabilities.

Want to learn more about the history of Bobcat machinery? See how your favorite Bobcat equipment has evolved throughout the decades.

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