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Your work is a 24/7 job. So when a machine requires service, you need it back up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we opened our new Bobcat Training Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Bobcat Training Center Components Room
Wiring harnesses displayed in the Bobcat Training Center Components Room

This facility provides Bobcat dealers with access to valuable, hands-on training for Bobcat equipment. The skills they develop prepare them to efficiently address your equipment maintenance needs, so you spend less time in the shop and more time on the job.

“Having a fully dedicated Bobcat training facility is something we’ve been thinking about for a while,” says Mike Ballweber, Doosan Bobcat North America president. “Service training is the primary focus of this facility, but we also offer training to help sales staff better understand jobsite needs and challenges. This training allows them to effectively match customers with the best machine for their work.”

Better service for your new Bobcat equipment

Bobcat dealers have the ability to enhance their equipment maintenance and diagnostic skills through improved training curriculums and new technologies. Service technicians learn in the classroom through simulations in interactive labs.

Bobcat Training Center Components Room
Hydraulics board in the Bobcat Training Center Components Room

These labs include electrical and hydraulic boards which are programmed to create problems so technicians can practice solving them. This improves your technician’s ability to quickly and effectively address and diagnose your machine should similar issues arise in the field.

“As our equipment becomes more advanced, it’s important that we offer the training needed to support these new features and technologies,” Mike says. “Training our technicians on these new developments means they have a better understanding of the equipment and can help customers take full advantage of their new machine.”

Bobcat dealers now have the opportunity to reinforce what they’ve learned in troubleshooting and diagnostics classes thanks to hands-on training with actual Bobcat products.

Built to benefit Bobcat customers

While the center was designed for training Bobcat dealer employees, Bobcat customers should also expect to experience significant benefits.

“This investment provides our company with the best-trained dealer network and, in turn, more productive customers,” Mike says. “Excellent service and customer satisfaction are things that will really drive us going forward, so having dealers who are fully trained and able to meet all our customers’ needs is really important to us.”

Conveniently located to serve you

Bobcat Training Center located in Aurora, Colorado
Bobcat Training Center located in Aurora, Colorado

Located in Aurora, Colorado, the 44,400-square-foot facility was strategically placed in the Denver area – just a short drive from the Denver International Airport – so it would be easily accessible for Bobcat dealers year-round. This means your dealer has convenient access to high-quality service training for their staff, so you can trust your local service technicians to be trained on the newest Bobcat technologies.

“Not only does the new Bobcat training center address our need for additional training capacity,” Mike says. “It also affirms our dedication to all dealers and customers by providing a convenient location to service them.”

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