Bobcat tractor mowing.

Bobcat Company has gone back to its roots – back to the farm – with a new line of compact tractors featuring 15 models that range in size, transmission type and horsepower rating. We’ve historically focused our efforts within the construction industry, so you might be thinking: What inspired the new line of compact tractors? Bobcat General Manager of Tractors Chris Knipfer and Product Manager of Tractors James Crouch shared some insight.

Q. What inspired the new line of tractors?

Chris: We’re the compact equipment leader, and we want to stay that way. Compact tractors are complementary to our other products, so we want to bring our expertise and decades of experience to this growing market. You can now get a compact tractor from a brand known and trusted for quality and dependability.

James: The first step away from handheld equipment and a zero-turn mower for commercial contractors and landscapers is a compact tractor. Contractors will work with a tractor before taking the next step to a compact excavator or a skid-steer loader. We want to be able to take part in that customer journey. We also want to step into the homeowner segment, which is new for us. We want to put our products in the hands of homeowners to give them the same experiences full-time contractors have in the field and on their own property. Our compact tractors also complement landscapers’ equipment portfolios and meet the smaller equipment needs of farm operations.

Q. When will tractors be available?

Chris: Tractors are available now! We made our first sale on September 12th. Our goal is to make a significant impact in the market, providing you with a wide range of tractors and implements to help you work more efficiently on your acreage. You can check to see if tractors are available in your area by visiting your local dealership.

Q. What has you excited about the 2019 lineup?

James: The variety of the 15 models that we have ensures there’s an option for everyone. In fact, depending on the model chosen from the lineup, you can select one of four different transmission types available. This gives us a good opportunity to find the perfect machine for you when entering a Bobcat dealership. Once a sales specialist asks what work you’re doing with the machine, there’s always something Bobcat can offer to fit that application.

Q. What’s next from Bobcat?

Chris: We’re going to continue to refine this product line as we go, and it’s really important to listen to our customers and our dealers to find the things that we can continue to improve upon. We always have work and learning to do, so we’re excited to keep enhancing this product line. Bobcat is debuting more products than ever before, so you will have an even wider offering to choose from. The challenging projects you are tackling at home and on the job need inventive solutions, and we’re paving the way to deliver those solutions.

About Chris Knipfer

Chris has been a valued member of Bobcat Company for over 15 years. After serving as the director of total quality management, he took on the role of general manager of tractors in October 2018. He started with Bobcat as a marketing intern while studying at North Dakota State and hasn’t looked back. He’s served in an impressive variety of roles during his time at the company, including product specialist, marketing manager, district manager and more.

About James Crouch

A veteran of the equipment industry, James Crouch has recently joined Bobcat as Product Manager for Compact Tractors. Growing up in South Carolina, he worked as a part-time mechanic at a tractor dealership throughout high school and college. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, he has spent 9 years in the agriculture tire industry, working in product management.

For more information on Bobcat tractors, read our Tractor FAQ and reference the Guide to Compact Tractor Sizes.

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