We’re always working on innovative and strategic ways to keep you productive on your farm or ranch. That’s why we recently introduced our new line of sub-compact and compact tractors to help you get more work done on your property.

You may have heard the buzz about the launch of our 15-model compact tractor lineup via industry publications or even at the Next Is Now media event held in Denver, Colorado. But, did you know that these powerful, easy-to-use tractors are assembled at our manufacturing facility locally in Statesville, North Carolina?

“Statesville was strategically chosen due to its location,” said Chris Knipfer, general manager of compact tractors. “The compact tractor industry is very popular in the south central and southeastern part of the United States, so it was an easy decision.”

Bobcat employees conduct the final assembly of the tractors, which are broken down into multiple stages, including installing the steering, the Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS), battery, sub-frame hydraulics and wheels. Then, after a quality-control check, the tractors are ready to be shipped to dealerships nationwide and sold to customers.

Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how Bobcat compact tractors are built for ranch, farm and property owners like you.

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