As the human population continues to rise, so does the amount of waste it produces. In fact, World Bank estimated that 2 billion tons of waste is generated each year. That number is expected to soar to 3.4 billion tons by 2050, according to World Bank.

Three Molok containers used to manage waste
Molok containers

To deal with the influx, provinces like Ontario, Canada, have adopted a sustainable method of modern waste management using Molok containers.

“Molok containers have been around since the early 1990s, and they have really changed the way waste is dealt with,” says Rick Alischer, owner of Complete Site Services. “The containers are installed partially underground, allowing compost, garbage, cardboard and recycling to be compacted naturally. Because they are installed underground, it significantly reduces odors. In addition, the bins take up less space than traditional garbage bins since they are installed vertically.”

In fact, 25% of Rick’s business consists of installing Molok containers while the remainder is made up of landscaping, construction, grounds maintenance and snow removal services.

“I’ve been installing hundreds of containers in Ontario for about 15 years now,” Rick says. “Our business has gotten busier each year with many of our jobs coming from the regional municipality of Waterloo and the surrounding area.”

Space-saving alternative

To efficiently keep up with the high volume of work, Rick decided to look at Bobcat equipment from his local dealership, Bobcat of the Tri-Cities. For the past 10 years, Rick only rented equipment from his dealership; however, he decided it would make more economical sense to purchase his machines.

Headshot of waste management business owner, Rick Alischer
Rick Alischer, owner of Complete Site Services

“Our jobs used to be short, maybe a day or two, at the most,” Rick says. “But, now, they are a week or two minimum. As our business grew, we knew we needed something permanent. It just made sense to have the equipment when we wanted it and when we needed it.”

After careful consideration, Rick purchased an R-Series E32 compact excavator with an optional extendable arm.

“To install Molok containers, we have to dig six feet and then lift the 1,000-pound container into the hole,” Rick says. “It’s not an easy feat, but the E32 works perfectly. It is small, yet heavy enough to easily handle the eight-foot containers without any problems whatsoever. Plus, the extendable arm option when lifting and placing containers is a necessity. A standard arm wouldn’t have cut it.”

There are times when Rick and his dedicated crew of 16 must dig deeper than six feet due to varying soil conditions.

“The soil conditions are very diverse in Ontario,” Rick says. “Some areas are soft and soupy bogs, while others consist of hard-packed clay. Due to the differing conditions, we may have to dig seven feet to get a solid base, pour gravel in and then bring it up to grade. We can easily do this now thanks to the extendable arm.”

Using the E32 excavator, Complete Site Services can install between two and four containers in half a day – a job that used to take the crew an entire day.

“On average, it’s taken us 25% less time to install Molok containers using the E32,” Rick says. “I can use the same piece of equipment to dig, lift, place and backfill. We’ve been able to do it all with this machine. It simplifies the job and cuts down on downtime. Our clients are very happy with the speed at which we get the job accomplished.”

Filling the gap with Bobcat equipment

Bobcat excavator moves Molok container
Bobcat compact excavator moves a Molok container.

In addition to installing Molok containers, Rick uses the E32 for other landscaping, construction and grounds maintenance projects throughout the year.

“We complete a variety of jobs, including digging footings and foundations for smaller construction companies,” Rick says. “Our company also installs interlocking stone and sound barrier walls for the region of Waterloo.”

If that isn’t enough, Rick uses the E32 excavator with a ripper attachment to complete projects for the region of Waterloo.

“The E32 has definitely extended our season,” Rick says. “We use the machine, paired with a ripper attachment, to work on projects in the surrounding parks usually in March. We can dig through the frost very easily to install drain tile, sewer lines or water pipes. Regardless of how much frost is there, the ripper works tremendously.”

Rick recently purchased an M2-Series T450 compact track loader for landscaping projects and snow removal.

“We have two grounds maintenance crews that will go out and maintain a property, and then in the wintertime, we plow the snow,” Rick says. “We provide service on a year-round basis to our customers. It’s important to get maximum value out of our equipment and not have a piece sitting around.”

Same-day service

Since Complete Site Services works consistently from March to December there is no time for downtime. That’s why Rick relies on Bobcat of the Tri-Cities for Bobcat parts and service.

Rick Alischer and his grandson stand in front of the company’s Bobcat fleet.
Rick Alischer and his grandson stand in front of the company’s Bobcat fleet.

“We just can’t have equipment that is not working,” Rick says. “I can’t go to my customer and tell them that my machine is broken. If I have any maintenance or parts issues, I go straight to my dealer. If they’re not able to get us going the next day, then they give me another machine or have a machine that I can rent. They bend over backwards to see to it that I’m never without a machine. That’s huge.”

In addition, Bobcat of the Tri-Cities takes care of any maintenance needs Rick may have.

“We’re just not big enough to do our own maintenance and service, that’s why we’re so pleased with Bobcat of the Tri-Cities,” Rick says. “We can get everything we need done because they’re close and get it done very quickly for us. I count on my dealership for equipment, ideas and suggestions. It makes my life a lot easier and keeps our customers happy.”

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