Long hours, cold nights, brutal winds. Snow storms pack plenty of punch when they strike — whether the weather forecaster predicted the storm or the snowfall came as a surprise. When others huddle at home until the snow subsides, you’re out in the thick of it, keeping parking lots clear and sidewalks safe. Stay energized when battling the white stuff by pumping these tunes through your machine’s speakers. Think a song’s missing from the list? Add it to our collaborative playlist so other Bobcat machine operators can give it a listen, too!

To submit a song:

  1. Follow the Bobcat Snow Plowing Playlist on Spotify.
  2. Search for the song you want to add to the playlist
  3. Hover your mouse over the song
  4. Click on the three dots that appear
  5. Select “add to playlist” and click on Snow Plowing Playlist



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