Ask any weather forecaster. Storms are hard to predict. A hyped snowstorm can leave only a dusting while a late-developing system can lead to a week of cleanup. If you’re clearing snow this winter, you need to prepare for every scenario.

With nine different Bobcat attachments and multiple models, you have a solution for every snow-clearing job. The right attachment can scrape off hours of machine time, keep your operators fresh for the next powdering and carve out time for another contract. But with so many options, how do you know which is the right one? Answer these three simple questions to select the perfect snow removal tool for your needs.

What’s falling?

When there’s winter weather in the forecast, identify what type of precipitation is expected. Snow and ice each present their own challenges and require different attachments. Conditions can change quickly, so you must be ready to swap out your snow removal tool accordingly. Have multiple options on hand — whether they’re on site, at your shop or with your dealer — in case the weather turns.

How much is on the ground?

The amount of snowfall should dictate the tool you use. An angle broom can quickly sweep up a snowfall of less than six inches. If there’s a half foot or more on the ground, you’re better off pushing, plowing or blowing snow into piles.

What are you clearing?

Confined areas such as sidewalks and driveways require more agility. Blades, buckets, brooms and standard blowers are best for these small spaces. Parking lots give you more room to operate. Use a snow pusher or V-blade when you’re in a large, open space.

Most jobsites have a mix of small and large areas. Select the most versatile tool for your needs or bring multiple attachments. Sometimes a quick attachment change is more efficient than trying to clear snow with a tool ill-fitted for the job.

With the right attachment, your loader, Toolcat work machine or utility vehicle can move serious snow. Take this quiz to find the best tool for every situation.


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