Now THIS is a great pumpkin.

Download the official Bobcat logo pumpkin pattern, print it out and get to work. But to tackle this job, you might want to put the kids to bed and bring out the real tools. Here’s how:

  1. Choose your pumpkin. We used an artificial pumpkin to get the best results, but use whatever kind you like. Whether artificial or real, make sure it’s big enough for the pattern and has at least one good side for carving.
  2. Pro tip: Instead of cutting off the top of your pumpkin, try cutting a hole in the bottom. That way you can set the pumpkin down over the candle, keeping it level and easy to light up.
  3. Using plain white glue, temporarily glue your printed pattern to the pumpkin. (We’ve tried tracing the pattern, drawing it and using a toothpick to poke through the pattern, but gluing it on gets the best results.) Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes so it doesn’t slide around when you begin cutting.
  4. Let’s talk tools. Forget the flimsy safety saws — they’ll just leave a jagged edge and put you in a bad mood. Invest in a real pumpkin-carving tool, especially if you’re using an artificial pumpkin — we suggest a precision soldering iron with a hot knife tip for faster, more precise carving. (This one on Amazon is only $16.) The heated blade easily cuts through the artificial pumpkin, leaving a smooth, clean cut, and makes it easier to carve out the details.
  5. Always start carving in the center of your pattern. Carve the smallest details first, carving outward to reduce the chance of making mistakes. For the Bobcat pattern, start by carving around the eyes and nose and then remove the left and right jowl pieces. Next, carve out the whiskers, fangs and bottom jaw. Then remove the ears and top of the head to finish the face. Now carve the letters. Begin with the lowercase “b”, and carve left to the “o” and “B”. Finally, carve the “c”, “a” and “t.”
  6. Even though artificial pumpkins are sturdier than real pumpkins, you’ll need to cut your cutouts into smaller pieces to remove them. Otherwise you might break off an important support piece
  7. If you make a mistake and break off a piece, don’t sweat it. Super glue will repair it. For large broken pieces, insert a piece of paperclip or wire to reinforce the glue. When you’re finished carving, immerse the remainder of the pattern in warm water and gently scrub it off.
  8. You can’t put a real candle in an artificial pumpkin, so we recommend stepping it up a notch with a three-in-one pumpkin light that offers three light settings: a strobe light, a color-changing light or (our favorite) a flickering candle.
  9. Now light that bad boy up, set it on your steps and bask in the glory of having the best jack-o’-lantern in the neighborhood.

If you tackle this monster of a job, we want to see it! Share photos of your Bobcat jack-o’-lanterns — including any original designs you come up with — by tagging @bobcatcompany on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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