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A Bobcat compact excavator sits beside a Finke Equipment sign alongside Finke’s driveway

Finke Equipment operates a state-of-the-art 67,000-square-foot facility that employs 49 equipment experts, including 17 service technicians and 5 parts employees.

It’s the busy season. Tough work, long days, lots of grime. When you have such a grueling schedule, preventing breakdowns and keeping machines maintained and working hard is often top of mind. We’re here to help.

During the month of June, the staff at Robert H. Finke & Sons Inc. Equipment, a Bobcat dealership located outside Albany, New York, will be sharing their “Top Shop” tips and tricks for keeping your business at the top of its parts and service game.


Alex Giebitz poses in front of his mobile service truck with cables looped over his shoulders

Alex Giebitz


Meet Finke’s Top Shop Experts:

Alex Giebitz, Mobile Service Technician

Top Shop customer advice: Ensure proper equipment training. “I think safety and operator training are too often overlooked. Some operators just hop on a machine when they aren’t properly trained. As a result, I frequently see operator error causing premature failure of parts, damage to parts or people getting hurt. Before you operate a machine, make sure to familiarize yourself with the controls and operations manuals of each machine.”


Bob Rowe stands next to an orange Bobcat banner

Bob Rowe


Bob Rowe, Parts Manager

Top Shop customer advice: Purchase genuine Bobcat parts. “Genuine parts means the customer has something to fall back on, and we the dealership have something to fall back on. Aftermarket parts may be half the price, but they could also have half the life, and we can’t always get someone the same warranty as with genuine Bobcat parts. When it comes to genuine parts, it’s not just the name on the bag, but it’s also the quality of the part in the bag.”


David Johnston smiles dressed in his service tech uniform with safety glasses on his face

David Johnston


David Johnston, Service Technician

Top Shop customer advice: Keep your shop organized. “Cleaning and organizing at the end of the day means everything is ready to go the next morning, which allows us to be more efficient. When we first arrive in the morning, we set up the work area for that day’s work, and then we do paperwork for the machines to keep track of everything we’re working on. My tools always go in the same place, so I know exactly where they are at all times.”




Chris Gautier

Chris Gautier, Service Technician

Top Shop customer advice: Clean your machines regularly. “A customer should always keep the machine clean. With hydraulics, you don’t want any dirt in the system because there are such small orifices and the electrical components can corrode with dirt and mud. Keeping things clean, I would say, is number one.”

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