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The fourth annual Bobcat Create & Conserve™ contest is currently underway! Next year in June, “Beyond the Hunt” hosts Rick and Julie Kreuter — and several of my Bobcat Company colleagues — will come to the property of the winner and operate Bobcat® compact equipment to bring back native plant species, encourage healthy new growth and develop your land for sustainability.

In this blog segment, I asked Rick to discuss his background and his involvement with Bobcat equipment, and the show, “Beyond the Hunt.”

Me: Tell us about your start and how you ended up in western Nebraska.

Rick: I studied physical therapy at Chadron State College in Nebraska, and I earned a bachelor’s degree in 1992. It was while I was practicing physical therapy in a clinic that I met Julie, who was doing her internship there. After the internship, she went back to finish her degree. We stayed in touch, and a few years later I talked her into marrying me. Today we live on a fourth generation family farm near Big Springs, Nebraska, where Julie’s great, great grandparents homesteaded in the late 1800s. We live in the original 1913 farmhouse, and Julie’s dad and uncle run the wheat farming operation.

Me: You and Julie co-host and produce “Beyond the Hunt” on the Outdoor Channel. What do you do for fun?

Rick: Whenever I need a break, I get out and move some dirt. We’re always looking for places to use our Bobcat machines to create habitat — I own two Toolcat™ utility work machines and a utility vehicle. For me, getting into one of the machines and doing something with the land is therapy. If I’m having a rough day, or the business grind is wearing on me, there’s something therapeutic about getting in a machine and moving dirt and making something better.

Me: What is your favorite Bobcat equipment?

Rick: I love the Toolcat machines. Julie and I like to do things together as a family. The ability for both of us to sit side-by-side in the Toolcat machines and talk about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and bounce ideas off of each other while we’re doing it is always fun. And if she’s not with me, the dog is in the other seat. We first got the model 5610, which has rear PTO and, more recently a 5600, which has a cargo box that is great for hauling tools and supplies to our worksites.

The Toolcat machine is the most versatile piece of equipment we have. I like to be able to mow a plot and then go in and run a tiller on the front and put a seeder (on the other end). If the ground was all prepped, you could (almost) till and drill in one pass. It’s my favorite machine. When you’re working in wet, soft terrain, the Toolcat machine is easier on the terrain.

Enter the 2016 Create & Conserve contest.

Rick Kreuter Biography

1048351_10151714491661153_1101880766_oRick Kreuter grew up hunting and fishing in the Black Hills of northeast Wyoming. He won a college athletic scholarship and earned a degree in physical therapy. While working as a therapist, Rick pursued his passion for the outdoors and became licensed as a professional hunting guide in his home state. As the outfitting business grew, Rick stepped away from the physical therapy clinic and devoted full-time to the outfitting business. Life in the outdoors was just what Rick was looking for, until he had an opportunity in 2007 to host and produce a nationally televised hunting show. “Beyond the Hunt” with Rick and Julie Kreuter has been on the Outdoor Channel for five years.

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