Question: What do John Cena, a fire fighter, Katniss Everdeen, Captain America, Imperator Furiosa and a Delta Force Army Ranger have in common?

Answer: They’re all tough characters you might find trick-or-treating at your door this Halloween.

With all of the amazing costume ideas out there, we get a charge when kids choose to be “One Tough Animal” for Halloween. Nothing says tough like these decked-out fans driving their favorite Bobcat® loaders!



Constructed with cardboard, paint and a lot of imagination, these clever costumes make everyone at Bobcat Company smile. Our fans are the best costume engineers around!

If you’re still looking for a costume idea, we’d like to see someone tackle a compact excavator or even a Toolcat™ work machine costume. Just imagine how much candy those buckets could hold …

And finally, keep your cameras and mobile phones handy because we’ll ask for more fan photos in the months to come. Look for future blog posts about:

  • Bobcat tattoos
  • Vintage machines
  • Scale model collections
  • Handcrafted projects
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