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Doosan and Bobcat Company strongly believe that STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) initiatives fuel student innovation and creative thinking, paving the way to continued community growth and success. Because of this strong belief, the company has awarded multiple grants, in-class participation, production facility tours/field trips and scholarship programs to students at all educational levels — elementary, middle school, high school and college — located in and around the State of North Dakota. Bobcat Company started in North Dakota and has produced more than a million machines over the years.

Recent STEM Initiatives

Earlier this year, Doosan and Bobcat Company donated $3 million to North Dakota State University (NDSU) to fund a STEM-related scholarship program. The State of North Dakota matched the donation, adding $1.5 million — making the combined gift of $4.5 million the single largest gift to establish a scholarship endowment in NDSU history. The endowment, when fully funded, is intended to distribute approximately $180,000 in scholarships per year in perpetuity, benefitting countless students and their families.

Also in 2015, Doosan and Bobcat awarded $1,000 scholarships to nine students (three representing each school) at Moorhead State Community and Technical College (M State), North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS — Wahpeton) and Bismarck State College (BSC). These technical schools are located in cities where Doosan and Bobcat have North Dakota production facilities.

Following the scholarship announcement, the company initiated its first-ever “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” program, spearheaded by NDSU. Approximately 20 middle school girls from the Fargo area attended a Bobcat Company Engineering presentation and then broke off into small groups to a “5S” experiment and design a structure to support a full can of soda. The idea of the program was to specifically target young women interested in pursuing STEM-related careers.

Doosan and Bobcat also supported three high school FTC robotics teams in Bismarck in 2015. The schools were Shiloh Christian School, St. Mary’s and the Bismarck Career Academy. Also, each year Doosan and Bobcat have given a $5,000 sponsorship to BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) robotics competition — an event held at NDSU for middle and high school students.

Yearly Initiatives

Since 2014, Doosan and Bobcat Company has continued to award $500 “Doosan Discovery” grants each year to middle school classrooms in areas where the company has facilities. This year, out of the 42 applicants, three classrooms in Fargo; one in Moorhead, Minnesota; three in Bismarck; and one in Hutchinson, Minnesota, were awarded grants designed to improve, advance and enrich student learning. The grants were to be used on projects focusing on STEM and were to be completed during the same academic year. Students were able to incorporate community resources and utilize team-teaching strategies with this one-time, one-year implementation grant.

Additionally, Doosan and Bobcat Company participate yearly in the “Teachers in Industry” internship program sponsored by the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation (GFMEDC) and NDSU. The program runs through June, hosting teacher interns at facilities in West Fargo and Bismarck, allowing them to gain exposure to real-life applications of STEM-related studies.

Doosan and Bobcat is also a corporate sponsor and innovation judge for NDSU’s student innovation challenge.

Past Donations

Earlier in 2014, a donation of $15,000 was given to Bismarck Public Schools to support STEM programs offered to students in grades three through 12. Roughly 1,000 students in grades 10 through 12 attended the Career Academy, a career and tech center offering programs including engineering, robotics, 3D modeling, networking, building systems, architecture, video production, electronics, aviation, energy and production, medical focuses, job shadowing, carpentry, welding, auto tech, auto collision, agriculture and graphic/digital design.

Doosan and Bobcat offer approximately 40 STEM internship opportunities each year from targeted Midwest colleges and universities. By supporting STEM-related initiatives, Doosan and Bobcat Company hope to fuel innovation and engage students in a knowledge-based economy, which, in turn, can help community progress.

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