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Gardening_by_3400_UTV-214683-133617-hrUtility vehicles are becoming more versatile with the addition of attachment capabilities, which is why more landscapers are taking a second look at them. If you’re wondering if it’s the right piece of equipment for your business, here’s what you need to know.


A big part of utility vehicles’ appeal is that they’re user-friendly.  Automotive-like features of a steering wheel, foot accelerator and foot brake make it an easy transition for just about anyone to operate. Plus, it can hold nearly as many people as a car. Utility vehicles provide options from two-passenger to six-passenger models. They’re not as fast as a car but the average two-passenger utility vehicle can travel up to 40 mph while carrying up to 1250 pounds of cargo. Some Bobcat® models sport cabs with heat and air conditioning – giving you more comfort while transporting passengers and completing work tasks.

Choose from different drive modes to help match your jobsite conditions to the vehicle. Turf mode is ideal for creating minimal ground disturbance on established lawns, other sensitive surfaces, or on hard surfaces where tire scrub is not wanted.

Versatile Attachments

With many attachments available, it’s easy to turn a utility vehicle into your new workhorse. The two most popular attachments are the snow blade and mower. Other task-specific attachments include the snowblower, sprayer and angle broom. The variety of attachments allows you to easily complete different tasks without having to purchase and maintain several pieces of equipment. If you’re looking for multi-purpose attachments, options include the bucket, grapple and pallet fork to help you handle a variety of jobs.

Light-duty Tasks

When it comes to push-, pull- and lift-type attachments, utility vehicle strength is restricted. Don’t expect to lift several thousand pounds of dirt, rocks or other material with a winch-mounted bucket attachment. Instead, utility vehicle attachments should be used to perform light-duty tasks. A utility vehicle can carry up to 1250 pounds of cargo and lift 500 pounds.

Sound like the workhorse for you? Stop by your local Bobcat dealer to test drive a utility vehicle today.

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