Deny Farnworth at a construction jobsite

Contractor’s Near-Death Experience Builds Courage to Climb Everest

  Avid outdoorsman Deny Farnworth doesn’t back down from a challenge. He battled asthma as a boy and severe Lyme Disease as an adult. He hiked the world’s tallest mountain. And, he navigates construction projects in Utah’s most rugged conditions.

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445 Inches of Snow Tests Resiliency of Snow Removal Company

Bobcat skid-steer loader uses snowblower to remove snow from a driveway.

Snow rages across the dark sky, briefly caught by the glow of a streetlamp. Temperatures fall. Mountain winds pick up, building drifts higher. John Eastman crunches the numbers: 400 inches and counting.   Prepare for the unexpected From November 2016

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